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Michael Cacy Renders The Illusion of Feathers


A number of special techniques may be used when rendering feathers. Following is just one method that you may find useful in painting feathers or even fur. Before diving into a painting, which may involve a technique new to me (or present the opportunity of using a familiar technique in a previously unexplored manner), I […]

Fraser Skullmaster Series Screamin II


  Used properly, stencils can effectively achieve continuity in a design and save you a lot of time.Used improperly, they can create some pretty nasty remedial designs. Next in the Skullmaster line is Screamin’ II, a sideprofile image that is similar in some respects to the Frontal II stencil. Step 1: Wanting color, mix up […]

Jeff Styles Black and White Stripes on a Metal Panel


Intro/Step 1: For this project, I wanted something more that just a flat, ordinary panel; so I had a sheet of aluminum cut to size. I then applied a series of wavy, grind marks onto the panel by using a round, red Scotch Bright pad attached to a die grinding disc to give a wilder […]

Rick Lovell Fur Texture Wolf: Part 2

how to airbrush

Click here to read Part 1 We got well on our way in the previous issue (July-August, 08), now it’s time to complete the wolf! 26. Some deeper reds and browns are also airbrushed over the brushwork to enrich the colors and drop the value a bit more. The very dark areas around the eye go […]

Rick Lovell Fur Texture Wolf: Part 1


For this texture tutorial I wanted to paint an animal with interesting colors and textures, and a snarling wolf fit the bill nicely; the face and head have short, mostly white fur that grows in a very particular pattern, the back and sides have long flowing fur that grows in layers of beige, tan and […]

Augies 13 techniques_part 2

For those of you who are just getting started, there’s an amazing amount of reference material available, such as Airbrush Action, for great inspiration. I do suggest that if you’re going to copy designs from a magazine or digital reference, concentrate on creating a clean and uniform piece. There’s a great learning curve to mastering […]

Augies 13 Techniques – Part 1


THIS ARTICLE DEMONSTRATES THIRTEEN TECHNIQUES ”including stippling, gold leaf, silver gold, variegated gold, airbrushed tribal flames” using about twenty-five mixed colors. Basic surface preparation is vital for best results and proper adhesion, so I wiped down my metal panel first with 409, a water-based degreaser/cleaner. If you prefer something a little stronger, I recommend House […]

Craig Fraser Stencil How-To with Skulls, Gears, and more


REMEMBER THAT JUST BECAUSE THIS IS AN AUTOMOTIVE COLUMN, IT DOESN’T MEAN you have to stick to painting cars and bikes. These stencils can be used for everything from body art, to wall murals, to cake decorating. Made with a solvent-proof polymer, you don’t have to worry about what you paint them with because you […]

The Wizard teaches a scroll stroke demo


Welcome Pinheads. Let’s look at some review strokes. The scroll style can give you fits if you don’t use the right grip, and so the following approach encourages you to abandon the techniques used in dagger striping. The grip for most of these strokes is similar to the way you hold a dart. A light […]

Kent Lind talks about some T-shirt business basics


LET’S TAKE A STEP AWAY FROM THE DESIGN aspect of T-shirt airbrushing, and focus on the business aspect this time. Afterall, without good organization and foresight, all aspects of your T-shirt world will suffer. Creativity needs space and an environment that’s free of stress and clutter to really flourish. Imagination can’t take flight if your […]