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Gregory Bridges – Part 2

gregory bridges

Continued from Gregory Bridges – Part 1 Following a stint illustrating construction equipment, he became a designer in a graphic art studio and then a freelance in-house art director for a Sydney advertising agency while running his own art gallery at North Sydney. In 1983, helped by his wife, Helene, he started his own design […]

Gregory Bridges – Part 1

gregory bridges airbrush

Anyone who disputes the notion that the future is rooted in the past should talk to Australian artist Gregory Bridges. When the futurist-surrealist built a sand castle as a 10- year-old, he learned a lesson that he’s never forgotten, one that he’s applied successfully to his artistic technique. Presumably to keep him from wandering off […]

T-Shirt Basics by Pat Gaines – Part 4


Continued from Part 3 If you have been following the three previous installments of T-shirt Basics, you have got a pretty good idea of the types of design that make up the majority of a shop’s T-shirt display. In this installment, I will cover the high-end designs (meaning designs that sell for $25 and up). […]

T-Shirt Basics by Pat Gaines – Part 3


Continued from Part 2 Up to 25 percent of a T-shirt airbrush artist’s income will come from low-cost custom designs. These are categorized by designs that take from 10-25 minutes to paint and range in price from $13 to $25. West Coast Airbrush’s sales strategy is to always offer customers a choice in how we […]

T-shirt Basics By Pat Gaines – Part 2


Continued from Part 1 As promised in the last issue of Airbrush Action, here are 12 great, low-cost standard designs to add to your display. Falling in the $12 and under retail price range, these designs will increase your portfolio as well as your income. These types of designs are categorized by the fact that […]

T-shirt Basics By Pat Gaines – Part 1


By Pat Gaines An artist can display all o f the high-cost, high-quality artwork they want in a T-shirt shop. But, the bottom line is that nothing will ever replace the low-priced, quick designs that include a name and a simple black outlined drawing with color. This is the stuff that pays the rent, the […]

Back to Basics: Shading and Blending


Last issue I demonstrated the dagger stroke, the most difficult and important of the almighty four basic strokes in airbrushing. Ultimately, if you master the dagger, you’ve pretty much conquered airbrushing. However, to render you completely rounded as an airbrush pro, I’d be neglectful if I didn’t introduce the fourth & final stroke to produce […]

Hawaiian Tiki Bug By Craig Fraser & Dennis Mathewson


Download from Scribd After a few phone calls to Hawaiian automotive airbrusher Dennis Mathewson, I decided that I had to make a road trip – well, more like an “air trip.” Dennis is the owner and founder of Cosmic Airbrush in Oahu. Originally from Las Vegas, Dennis migrated to Hawaii about 20 years ago and […]

Designing for Kids – Cute Little Frog by Terry Hill


by Terry Hill (Airbrush Action Magazine March – April 1999) >> Download This A big part of being a T-shirt artist–or being in any business is knowing your market and how to capture its attention. This article focuses on young children. It isn’t about the average spring-breaker; we have plenty of designs for them. This is […]

Blazing Six String by Jan Larkman (Airbrushing flames on a guitar)


Think hot-rodding is only for cars? Think again. Artist Jan Larkman flames out a  guitar. Hot-rodding a guitar is a project I’ve wanted to undertake for quite some time. After doing some paintings on motorcycle gas tanks with Createx Auto Air — jamming, if you will — I finally bought my canvas, a used guitar. […]