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Airbrush Action Magazine January - February 2016 Issue Now Available!

Airbrush Action Magazine has just released its January - February 2016 issue, in print and digital editions. The issue is now available for purchase at our online store. Click on the buttons below to order online, or you may also call to order by phone. Call Toll Free: (800) 876-2472 or International: (732) 223-7878 or […]

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Alum Nichole Baker in POWER PORTRAITS class

2015 Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway a Success! (Photos and testimonials)

The LAS VEGAS AIRBRUSH GETAWAY that ended this past Friday, October 9, 2015, was a huge success! The 1-day and 4-day workshops were held at the New Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the DALLAS/FORT WORTH AIRBRUSH GETAWAY, Feb 22-26, at the Radisson Fort Worth Fossil Creek. For more info, go to […]

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contour_ airbrushing cosmetics

Airbrushing Cosmetics

By borrowing airbrush techniques from illustrators and photo retouchers and employing revolutionary water- based cosmetics, makeup artists have discovered the potential for limitless creations. No longer categorized solely as a tool for the graphic arts industry, today airbrushes are found in the trained hands of professional cosmetologists, cosmeticians, and freelance makeup artists throughout the world. […]

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Airbrush Action: July - August 2015 issue released

Airbrush Action has released its July - August 2015 issue in print and digital edition. To buy a copy, follow the links below: PRINT: DIGITAL: In this issue: AIRBUSH ACTION EXCLUSIVE! SPECTRUM Fantastic Art Live 4 By Jerry LoFaro In its fourth consecutive year, Kansas City, Missouri, was transformed as a destination into […]

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Airbrushing Picture Frames - Part 2

Read Part 1 THE GRANITE LOOK Here is a way to turn an ordinary picture frame into one that resembles a piece of finely chiseled granite. Materials you’ll need: base coat color (a light shade of gray mixed with just a touch of brown, red or green), two or three top coat colors (they should […]

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How to Airbrush Brick and Stone - Part 1

A PDF of this article is available for download here Materials SURFACE: Strathmore 240 Heavyweight Illustration board. I love this board for most illustration work. It’s 100% rag, is virtually indestructible, has a great medium tooth that holds paint beautifully and is perfect for colored pencils and any other medium you want to throw at […]

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Low Rider Truck Graphics By Jeral Tidwell

This article is also available as a PDF > Download For those of you playing at home, here are a couple quick pointers before we start painting. First of all, don’t try this in your backyard or under a tree. Get a shop, rent a shop, borrow a shop or heck, just build one! I promise […]

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T-Shirt Pet Portraits-The Family Dog

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF With the holiday season coming up many of us T-shirt artists are looking for ways to supplement our income or punch up our display to attract more customers. Many shoppers want a special gift for someone, and a portrait of the beloved family pet is a natural, But beware- these […]

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How to Render Stone By Various Artists

 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF   Many artists feel that stippling shades of either warm or cool grays at varied pressures is the secret to illustrating realistic-looking stone textures. Louisiana artist Pat Reynolds feels that the more colors he uses, the more realistic hi s granite will look. He will stipple in as many as […]

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Home Improvement-Hardwood Floor Stenciling by Sheri Hoeger

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF I became interested in airbrushing when i worked a s a manicurist for several years. I had done some hand-painted nail art during that time. and airbrushing fingernails was just gaining attention when I left that profession. When I later began wall stenciling as a part-time business, I began […]

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Intense Brights On Dark Fabrics By Shen

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF Have you ever tried desperately to make a vivid white show up on a dark shirt, jacket, or other cotton/poly garment only to have the paint soak into the fabric and practically disappear? For several years, this frustrating phenomenon forced me to refuse orders from customers who wanted work done […]

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Airbrush Action Magazine's March - April 2016 Issue is now available -- Print and Digital Edition!

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