Jim Hetzler

Location: Muscatine, Iowa



Hetz Pinstriping and Airbrush and JC Hetz Studi




With over 30 years experience pinstriping and 20 years airbrushing, Jim and his wife, Chris, own and operate Hetz Pinstriping and Airbrush, and JC Hetz Studio in Muscatine, Iowa. In the summer you can find Jim pinsriping at many of the national car shows across the country. Hetzler has won a House of Kolor Prestigious Painter Award, the Coast Airbrush Skate Deck competition (2009, and 3rd place in 2008), pinstriped the 2008 Good Guys Street Rod, and many others. “I feel privileged to be able to do what I love every day and make an impact on the rest of the art world at the same time.” When time permits Jim attends panel jams for charity and constantly avows his huge respect for fellow artists.





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