New DVD Release - Eddie Davis' Stylized Thruster: Hydro Shock

Stylized Thruster: Hydro Shock demonstrates, step-by-step, how to paint a killer skull and sea serpent onto a surfboard using Createx and Wicked Colors.


All phases of the process are covered, including surface prep and clearing.


- Surface prep
- Intro to 3D modeling using Sculptress software
- How to transfer artwork to the surfboard
- Use of Artograph's LED projector
- How to paint on a polyurethane resin surface
- How to work on an odd-shaped surface
- Advanced use of freehand shields
- How to use overly reduced paint to build depth & soft focus
- Top- and bottom-feed airbrushes
- Use of improvised items to create special f/x
- Use of an electric eraser for highlighting
- T-shirt techniques for hard surfaces
- How to clear a surfboard
- Use of opaque colors for lighting f/x
- Masking with RTape
- Use of multiple images to create a theme

132 minutes - DVD Format




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