“How to Airbrush A Cap” by Ergun Yasar: New Video Released

how to airbrush a cap

Do you want to learn how to airbrush a cap, such as a baseball cap or a trucker hat? Even with no airbrushing experience, you can learn this valuable and impressive skill from a master of cap airbrushing, world renowned Ergun Yasar.

Airbrush.TV has recently released the Yasar’s “How to Airbrush a Cap” video, available for rental and online streaming. In this 42-minute tutorial, Ergun Yasar, world renowned for his unique style of airbrushing on baseball/trucker caps, reveals his techniques in this fantastic, must-see step-by-step using an Iwata airbrush and Createx colors.


How to “Airbrush A Cap” includes:

*How to properly prep a hat
*How to blend colors
*How to prevent overspray
*How to use Wicked Jet Black
*Use of stencils for hats
*Use of soft dagger strokes
*How to accelerate drying
*How to paint the hat’s bill
*Effective use of Wicked White
*How to render a name design on a trucker cap
*How to render a 3-color blend background
*Use of Createx and Wicked fluorescent and transparent colors
*How to render an Ergun Yasar graffiti-style font
*Fill-in effects, including a splat, “swirl,” and cityscape
Run Time: 42:52
ONLY $4.99 — Unlimited online streaming for 30 days
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