Iwata Neo CN Airbrush: Reviews, Specs, Care and Videos

iwata airbrush neo cn

Designed by Iwata-Medea for the first-time user, the Neo CN airbrush is recommended for use in small- to medium-sized areas with small amounts of paint. Gravity-feed airbrushes like the Iwata Neo CN airbrush perform well at lower air pressures, which help create greater detail. This airbrush can really help the novice enter the airbrush world.

Its interchangeable gravity-feed cups offer varying paint capacity options:

  • Larger size -  easy in-cup paint mixing.
  • Medium size - makes it easy to see over and good to view the working surface.
  • No-cup option - great for quick touch-ups when only a tiny amount of paint is needed.

Iwata NEO CN Specs:

  • Right-handed and left-handed
  • Gravity-Feed
  • Includes interchangeable large (1/3 oz.) and medium (1/16 oz.) cups designed with a funnel shape, which makes for easy clean-up and more efficient paint flow
  • Airbrush will hold 1/32 oz. without a cup attached.

Nozzle and needle: 0.35mm - for finer detail spraying and medium-sized spray patterns

Air Pressure: Ideal operation is between 5 and 35 psi. Ideal for use with smaller air compressors that produce a maximum of 20 psi

Iwata Neo CN Airbrush Parts Diagram

iwata neo cn airbrush parts diagram

Source: Iwata

Iwata Neo CN Airbrush parts list

Source: Iwata

iwata neo cn airbrush parts list

User Experiences and Reviews

 I’m a professional air brush artist, with a little over 5 years experience. I’ve used high end syphon style Iwata’s for about four of those years. When I decided to try out a gravity style, I saw the Neo’s and decided to give them a try. Spray quality is entirely equal to my $300 Iwatas. Needle adjustment can’t be made with the grip on, but I never use that anyway, so no problem for me. Iwata’s are delicate instruments in general, and the parts are TINY, so if you take it apart, you’d best be careful putting them back together. I’ve only been using the Neo for 6 months or so now, and it seems to be holding up quite well so far, though I don’t use it nearly as much as my other Iwatas, it’s only for touch ups, whereas my other Iwata is for the main part of painting. I paint 40 hours a week, and wear out a standard Iwata every 7-9 months or so, if that gives you any indication of wear and tear I put on these things. I consider this to be an EXCELLENT budget airbrush choice for those just getting into the art, as it is totally up to pro standards. The airbrush itself should easily be capable of ball point pen fine lines out of the box, as long as you are. If you want something more robust, start out with a Pasche, but be aware that they typically won’t do as fine of lines as the Neo/Iwatas. — Tom, Amazon

I bought this because it works with lower pressure compressors and it is targeted at air brush beginners. I use it for fine scale modeling and it has been a joy to use. In combination with the IWATA Silver Jet compressor it works particularly well since you have everything you need. it also has a 5 year warranty which is nothing to sneeze at. You do need to clean it after every use or you will run into issues but that is true of every air brush. This is a solid choice for the beginning air brusher and a good value. - Clayton G., Amazon

iwata neo cn airbrush ring

Image Source: donsairbrushtips

The interchangeable cups are nice, but I have a hunch most users will just leave the 1/3oz. cup on. You can still use just a couple drops of paint if you want. And, that’s the only way the airbrush will fit back in the box.

First impressions:

The finish on these is beautiful. They are just really pretty. The balance is good, and they are very comfortable to hold.

The trigger action is firm, but smooth. The trigger has a front and back. The back surface of the shaft is flat and there is an undercut in the top to allow it to be pulled all the way back. Read more at Google Sites: donsairbrushtips

Image Source: Scale-models.co.uk

Image Source: Scale-models.co.uk

The first thing I did was to strip the Neo down to its main components which is fairly easy. The needle cap and nozzle cap are knurled in aid of removing and are both highly chromed as is the main body of the Neo. When removing the nozzle cap the thread are smeared with thin grease. All internal O rings are rubber which would keep the cost down. All internal components are chromed including the trigger return spring. The needle travel has a slight resistance feel to it which do like. The internal components are all tight fitting. Re-assembling the Neo is in reverse and is not difficult to do. - Read more at Scale Model Shop

Miniature tank airbrushed with the Neo CN

Miniature tank airbrushed with the Neo CN

The NEO CN Gravity-Feed Dual-Action Airbrush is a remarkable piece and a wonderful all-purpose airbrush. It has a great build quality and engineering – all the parts and screws fits smooth and tight. The unique 0.35-mm needle and nozzle combination suits for finer detail and medium-sized spray patterns. It can be used with any brand of acrylics paints on the market and probably with the enamels ones. The interchangeable large (1/3 oz.) and medium (1/16 oz.) cups designed with a funnel shape, makes the airbrush an easy to clean and quick to use tool. Due to the rubber o-rings I do not recommend use of heavy thinners (like the ones sold here) in order to avoid damage. All in all it offers good control, great build quality, easy to use and clean and a killer price. Read more at PanzerFist

Best Photos of the Iwata Neo CN Videos


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iwata-airbrush-neo-cn-ringvia AirbrushLab.pl

Iwata Neo CN Videos

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Cleaning the Iwata Neo CN Airbrush

cleaning the iwata neo cn airbrush

Source: Iwata

Cleaning the Iwata Neo CN Needle

cleaning the iwata neo cn needle

Source: Iwata

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