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2013 January - February Airbrush Action Magazine

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What's Inside:

18.  Confluence of Stencils  By Bob Soroka

With an ever-expanding and impressive library of Artool stencils, we figured it fitting to offer a step-by-step article on the use of as many of them as possible in one painting. Artist Bob Soroka's substrate was a PT Cruiser hood "that hung out in my studio for years," and chose an image that would show how he uses these products to lay out and start a project very quickly.  "In any economy, time is money."

22.  SEMA Pictorial
The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, showcasing the industry’s hottest cars, trucks, and motorcycles at the Las Vegas Convention Center. SEMA 2012 drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers, and featured nearly 2,000 new products, including parts, tools, and components.


30.  AirSick Zombie Fender  By Sean Cahill
AirSick brand stencils are up-and-coming, and the creators wanted their maiden article to prove how easy it is to create a "creepy" scene using AirSick’s Zombie templates on the rear fender of a custom chopper. The versatility of the Zombie series allows you to use each element individually or quickly combined for a complex layout.

34.  Underwater Gucci  By Mary Kay Linge
Fantasies come true in the hands of Eric Ducharme, also known as the Mertailor, an innovative Florida-based artist and designer whose lifelong love of mermaid lore inspires him to create colorful, wearable, swimmable custom tails for wannabe mermaids and mermen. Eric’s work combines technology, invention, and beauty into an irresistibly entrancing product. His tails appear in print ads and TV commercials, and are seen at theme parks, aquariums, resorts, and more. In fact, Lady Gaga wore one for a recent performance.

40.  RETRO FLAKE  By Andy Anderson
During the 1970’s about 75% of all paint jobs Andy Anderson performed were metal-flaked with candy-color graphics. "It seems that there’s a little resurgence in the demand for flake jobs, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity recently to paint just that for a dear friend under unfortunate circumstances."

52.  T-SHIRT TACTICS: Enter the T-Shirt Dragon  By Michael Tetzlaff
Everyone seems to own his or her concept of what a dragon should look like. Do they fly and breathe fire? Are they gargantuan or shed-sized? Do they possess long necks, horns, and/or spikes protruding from their head or body? Are they bright and colorful, or do they terrorize in earth tones? Michael Tetzlaff’s guess is that a dragon could be all of that and more, and that it simply hinges on the limits of one’s imagination.

56.  Cutting Mylar Stencils on a Plotter  By Terry Hill
A crowd quickly forms virtually every time plotters are demonstrated at the Airbrush Getaway workshops, making it obvious the great hunger for knowledge there is on the subject. "For this article, I saw a great opportunity to address one of the most commonly asked questions on plotters regarding the ideal stencil media, and to cover the most common components necessary to help you make good choices when purchasing a plotter of your own and learning to cut stencils."

62.  Morphing Away  By Mary Kay Linge
Tom Stephenson’s signature paintings are dreamily—sometimes nightmarishly—surreal. Soft, warped edges blend multiple photorealistic images into a cohesive whole that hints at dark and unsettling tales, all polished to a clear sheen as brutally frank as his native desert sky. Stephenson, a working artist since 1980, calls his style “morphing.”

74.  Wingnut Wings  By Bud Highleyman
The Bristol F-2, aka Brisfit or Biff, had a long and illustrious career as a World War I fighter plane, and "I jumped at the opportunity to build its model counterpart. Diving into this prodigious package of packed plastic parts to discover what jewel it would produce was, for me, a most guilty pleasure."

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