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2014 March - April Airbrush Action Magazine - *DIGITAL* Edition


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What's Inside:

TABLE OF CONTENTS - March - April 2014

Photoreal Portrait of Greta MaCabre
By Dru Blair
You can always count on Dru Blair’s portrait step-by-steps to be packed with valuable information.  Here, you’ll learn the importance of a good photo reference, delayed cross-linking of Createx Colors’s new Illustration paint, more on buffered color, why you shouldn’t premix all your colors at once, how to accelerate your painting process and improve accuracy, the three types of texture options with the airbrush, and tons more!  

Fear & Loathing at a Biker Paint-Off
By Chris Johnson
Up-and-comer Chris Johnson chronicles his adventures at “The Great Paint Off” at the Springfield Motorcycle Show in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Ancillary Gold: Grab-'N-Go Dollars!
By Gary Worthington
Grab-and-go merchandise, such as airbrushed caps, towels, license plates, etc, can add many thousands to your annual sales and help keep your shop open! And the king of grab-and-go in the Florida panhandle is the sand dollar. The beauty of sand dollars is that they accept paint well, they can be painted in advance, they generate strong profits, and they make great gifts for babies, the house or dog sitter back home, and even as wedding party gifts and Christmas ornaments. "The appeal isn’t exclusive to beach resorts, however. We’ve taken these on the road to just about every location imaginable, including the frozen North, and have sold them as fast as we could paint them." 

The Art of a Well Oiled Machine
By Mary Kay Linge
You might think that a career of painting powerboats, helicopters, and super-luxe RVs would lead anywhere but a line of hand-painted kitchen mixers. But then, you don’t think like Dean Loucks. “It’s all art,” he smiles. “It’s just on different canvases.” The hardworking Loucks, known as a top speedboat and motorcoach painter for two decades, has more irons in the fire than ever. Along with his signature commercial work, in the last few years he’s developed a whole new approach to airbrushing that he’s exploring in fine-art pieces and selling from his own gallery in Elkhart, Indiana.
Chevron Action: Identifying Trends for T-Shirt Airbrushing
By Pat Gaines
Identifying design trends for T-shirt airbrushing is often tricky, even a mystery, and sometimes by the time you find it, the fad may already be on its way out!  However, when you do connect with a hit, the financial pay-off can be great. Currently, the Chevron pattern is trending strong, and may very well become the hottest pattern in retail in 2014.  
2014 Compressor Buyer’s Guide
By Pete Johnson
Discover how to successfully match your application to its rightful air source in this excellent primer and guide to the often bewildering world of compressors.

The Airbrushed Nerf Gun
By Steve Vandemon
Most people are unaware that in quite a few TV and movie productions, everyday, readily available items are commonly used as props and effects in these shows.  Sometimes these props are heavily modified or cleverly disguised simply with paint. For instance, Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova used Nerf guns for many of the weapons in the show.  The awesome thing about painting a Nerf gun is that they already have amazing design and details.  You can modify them very easily with different odds and ends, but for this tutorial I kept the emphasis on the paint.  They're also relatively cheap, and when you're finished you can shoot your friends!

Get Your Plotter Up and Running
By Chris Johnson
Plotters offer virtually unlimited possibilities in sign work, lightning speed in duplicating jobs, cleaning your artwork, and many other outstanding efficiencies and benefits—once you’re up and running, that is. Unfortunately, however, the initial hurdle of getting started is often the biggest challenge for plotter newbies. So, this step-by-step is intended to help you launch your journey to plotter nirvana.

Bob McKay’s Digger
By Andy Anderson
This step-by-step instructs on the finer points of gold and silver leaf, scroll work, and pinstriping by the inimitable Andy Anderson, one of the world's top custom painters and king of color-on-black screenprinting.

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  1. advertising 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Mar 2014

    Lots of advertising
    Info decent

  2. advertising 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Mar 2014

    Lots of advertising
    Info decent

  3. Great Content 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Mar 2014

    I thought content was very good. This issue covered 4 main topics. Portraits being the main focus. While Dru may be an exceptional artist, as a teacher he was a little vague. All he kept mentioning was a "Buffered" color! But at times failed to reveal what colors he was mixing. And his sporatic approach was tough to follow .

  4. Buena informacion 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2014

    A lot of information I really like it