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Airbrushed "Twist Dye" Effect on a T-Shirt with Terry Hill and Special Guests

Airbrushed “Twist Dye” Effect on a T-Shirt with Terry Hill and Special Guests

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirbrushActionMag Airbrush great Terry Hill demonstrates how to achieve amazing tie-dye effects on a T-shirt using an airbrush. Enjoy Airbrush Action’s gift of a free stream that will teach you how to create a great fund-raising opportunity for your organization, a fun activity with the kids, or serious extra dollars for your shirt operation. […]

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Airbrush Master, Terry Hill, Shows How to Master the Soft Dagger Stroke – Part 1

In his previous article, Terry discussed basic shapes and paint flow. Of course, every new artist asks “Is there a point to basic shapes, lines, dots, dagger strokes, and so on?” Terry’s answer is, “You’ll be surprised to see how they combine to make recognizable shapes and objects. They are designed to build upon one […]

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Cheap Tricks-Granite By Terry Hill

 DOWNLOAD PDF FILE The Stippling method I use to create the stone or granite effect involves deflecting the paint off just about any object you can hold conveniently in your hand, such a s a clothespin or a tongue depressor. This method will work with any airbrush (the Aztek offers a splatter nozzle that produces […]

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