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Wizard Pinstripes a PT Metamorphoses Headed for SEMA


Once in awhile you get a call that’s really cool. I mean, beyond cool. Lynn Neiss, of Brut Manufacturing, Inc., Akron, Ohio, revealed that he converted a PT Cruiser into a pick-up truck. For the finishing touch, Lynn elected old-style pinstriping. Because the truck was being clearcoated, I chose House of Kolor urethanes. I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated knowing that this truck was headed for the Vegas SEMA show.

Thankfully, the Cruiser was already prepped. Neiss chose a turquoise and ivory mix to complement the truck’s House of Kolor orange and white pearl tw0-tone base. Lynn is an awesome painter and a great fabricator.

Beginning with the tailgate, I established the center line with tape and started the horizontal designs using the darker color-this was a good base to build the lighter colors upon. A circle was then drawn by tracing a 4-ounce can of 1-Shot with a blue Stabilo pencil.

Photo 1:

photo 1

I started the lines with a downward stroke using a Mack Excalibur pinstriping brush with a light grip.

Photo 2:

photo 2

Notice how much the brush is rotated to make “C” curves on both sides of the circle. Pay attention to this when running your curved lines, and get a sense of how much you need to oversteer the turns for line consistency.

Photo 3:

photo 3

I traveled along the horizontal tape line to a pre-measured distance from the center. Make sure the curve matches the one on the opposite side – this is where the 1000 strokes, taught in my Pinstriping Basics video, will come in handy.

Photo 4:

photo 4

The finished tailgate design.

Photo 5:

photo 5

I painted ivory stripes to further complement the graphic.

Photo 6:

photo 6

My style is “airy,” and lets you see plenty of background.

Photo 7:

photo 7

Here I separated the orange from the white with turquoise.

Photo 8:

photo 8

I added a subtle accent above the headlight.

Photo 9:

photo 9

I added another line around the shape of the lock. Turns and twists like these are difficult to achieve.

Photos 10 and 11:


The front of the hood and the side of the truck before it’s clearcoated. You can barely notice the striping, and believe me, there’s plenty on the vehicle! This job took about two hours to complete. I had a great time at Brut Manufacturing, and I’m anxious to see how Lynn Neiss and the Cruiser do at SEMA!

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