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Archive | May, 2014


Learn the ABC’s of Airbrush Lettering with Kent Lind Part II

WELCOME BACK! All of you have been practicing the primary script-lettering drills outlined and explained in the last issue of Airbrush Action—you know, the ones about consistency in height, width, angle, and thick and thins, not to mention the exercises with the e-stroke and the script alphabet. Right? I’m just going to have to take […]

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Learn the ABC’s of Airbrush Lettering with Kent Lind Part I

MANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN MY WORK OVER THE years in the hallowed pages of Airbrush Action and their DVD collection. I get great response especially for my custom work. However, through all of the accolades ( and believe me, they’re numerous, baby), what I remain most proud of is my common library of lettering. […]

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Airbrush Master, Terry Hill, Shows How to Master the Soft Dagger Stroke

FIGURE 9 DAGGER STROKES INTO SOFT,ORGANIC SHAPES These shapes already look like things we might want to paint – eyebrows, waves, fish, and other shapes from nature. There is a dagger on each end of these shapes. Make a dagger stroke in one direction, then go back over the shape in the opposite direction, like […]

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