Maryellen Vettori


Co-Author and Illustrator of “Reflections of a Sacred Dream”, Maryellen Vettori is a true Airbrush Getaway success story! She started her airbrush career here with our program, taking the “Airbrush Mastery” class. Maryellen has morphed those skills and her love for the craft into a successful and lucrative career. She currently is the instructor of the 1-day “Intro to Airbrushing” class and teaches alongside veteran instructor, Gary Worthington, in the extremely popular “Airbrush Mastery” class as well. Her enthusiasm and skills have helped make those classes a foundation for the whole Getaway program. Maryellen lives and works in southeastern Pennsylvania with her family and credits the Getaways for giving her life a new direction and consistent source of inspiration. Her mantra is that it is never too late to start doing something you love.


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