Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson is a seasoned veteran of the t-shirt airbrushing industry, starting his career over 30 years ago. Living and working in Weldon, Illinois Ken honed his skills airbrushing at fairs and festivals around the area. After spending some time working with the famed West Coast Airbrush stores and directly with founder and industry icon Pat Gaines, Ken’s tremendous talent started to be recognized. Soon his stunning and detailed custom work was known and respected the world over by customers and industry peers alike. Ken’s lettering skills also gained recognition amongst the entire airbrush community and quickly became highly imitated and sought after. To this day, Ken’s lettering is the absolute standard amongst his fellow air brushers. Ken spends a portion of his time teaching his skills at the Airbrush Action Getaway Program and other well respected venues. A frequent contributor to airbrush action magazine, Ken has gained quite a following with his well-executed and highly informative articles. Although his airbrush skills are tremendous Ken is also a very prolific and talented woodworker and has ventured into pinstriping and hand lettering, both of which he has excelled at.

A soft spoken family man, Ken spends every spare moment with his wife and children who are his greatest gift and biggest fans.


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