Gary Worthington

Gary Worthington started his airbrush career over 30 years ago on the beautiful emerald coast of Florida. Growing up in Fort Walton Beach, Gary was exposed to the bright colors and flashy displays of the many airbrushers who congregated near the beach. Interested in art from an early age, he naturally gravitated towards airbrushing in his teenage years. Starting out in this environment proved to be very challenging, keeping up pace with the biggest names in the industry at that time was no easy task. Having to establish his own identity in the group, Gary quickly developed a unique style that appealed to everyone- customers and artists alike. Over the next 20 years Gary continued to push his skills and advance the medium with new and innovating techniques.

Gary has spent the last 15 years teaching and sharing his artwork with the world. He has taught at the prestigious Airbrush Getaway Program established by Airbrush Action Magazine as well as many other highly regarded instructional programs around the world. His unique and professional approach has gained tremendous praise from his students and peers alike.

In addition to teaching, Gary has also been a prolific contributor to Airbrush Action as well as many other respected industry publications. He also has several top selling instructional DVD titles produced by Airbrush Action Magazine, including Wicked Kiss, Fierce Fur, and multiple advanced lettering technique videos.

When he is not working, Gary loves to spend his spare time outdoors and adventuring with wife Cristie and son Tristan, who are his biggest inspirations.

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