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Airbrush Action September – October 2015 Issue is Now Available!

Airbrush Action Magazine has just released its September – October 2015 issue, in print and digital editions.

The issue is now available for purchase at our online store.

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The Cover


Table of Contents

Rise of the Phoenix: Part 1
By Javier Soto
This epic 200-plus-hour paint job on a Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited presented many challenges for Javier Soto, one of World’s best custom painters. The client: Bobby Ciasulli, reality TV star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

52. T-Shirt Tactics By Ken Johnson
If there’s one thing that hasn’t gone out of style in the T-shirt airbrushing business is a well done car on a shirt. “I’ve always been a big fan of the classic American muscle car. The simple clean lines scream shear, raw power. I invite you to follow along with my process to create this badass American beast.”

18. Lace Technique By Darryl Hollenbeck
Darryl Hollenbeck shows how to create an old-school lace effect on his Iron Orchid and 1959 Ranch Wagon in just a few steps. It’s a throwback style from the 1960s, one that Hollenbeck describes as a bit of a lost art. “A touch of lace goes a long way, but on the right project in the right amount, it’s killer.”

20. Molten Lava F/X on a Harley By Neimar de Lima Duarte
Stippling for stone texture, a brilliant lava effect, lettering, and plotter-generated masks define this great step-by-step of the transformation of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by Brazilian artist Neimar de Lima Duarte.

24. Ed Tillrock By Mark Kay Linge
You might think of Ed Tillrock as a magician—a Merlin wielding a lead pencil in place of some medieval wand—as he conjures movement, mass, speed, and sunlight with nothing but tones of black on white paper. Tillrock prefers a more humble analogy. “If you watch any of those chef shows, you hear over and over again that it’s the knife skills that are critical,” he says. “It’s the same with art. You can’t run before you walk. You have to have the basic skills.”

28. Hydra-Glide in Blue: The Road Trip By David Kimble
The legendary David Kimble’s first step-by-step in Airbrush Action was well worth the 30-plus-year wait! “I am a rarity, an airbrush artist that still works for the Detroit automakers doing cutaway car and engine illustrations by hand, even though business is nothing like it was before the financial melt-down of 2009. This makes me something of a dinosaur, and I like to call my work “Jurassic art.”

32. Bob Ciasuli Bike

40. The Gangster Guitar By Mike Learn
“This piece was the third in a series of projects I did for a bass player in a pretty heavy and popular band, created on a custom Learn Guitars Mortal Sin model bass. For this project, the client wanted something reminiscent of the gangster prohibition era.”

60. The Godfather Diecast By Marshall Parks
When painting these diecasts I pretty much treat them like you would a real car.

68. Annual Paint Buyers Guide
This year’s Paint Buyer’s Guide is loaded with all the information you need to choose the correct paint for your application.

Call Toll Free: (800) 876-2472 or International: (732) 223-7878 or click the buttons below to order:

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