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Artool 3 – Craig Fraser Return of Skullmaster Multiple


The Multiple II stencil is a modification of the original Multiple in the Skullmaster series of stencils, the first series I designed for Artool many moons, and skulls, ago. These modifications are based on suggestions from airbrush artists like you. Some readers felt the “skull lineup” area in the top and bottom of the original was a bit simple, so we made it more complex and added some personality. We also sacrificed some of the varied skull designs in the original to supply more of the favorites. Everybody wanted more Screamy Faces, so we gave them to you. Also, to cater to the recent fascination with realistic flames, we added ascending skulls grouped in an order perfect for placing within, and around, flames. To be a little different, I decided to do this demo on a fiberglass Maltese cross I gaveled from Dave Monnig at Coast Airbrush.

Step 1:


Base, and clear, with black, then mask off the perimeter. Next, give the entire scuffed surface a few coats of Alsa’s 6061 Aluminum Ghost Chrome paint. Very kewl canvas to start with.

Step 2:


Using the skull lineup on the top of the Multiple II stencil, begin layering skulls, staggering them along the cross. BC-25 House of Kolor black basecoat contrasts nicely with the reflective ghost chrome. The strip of masking tape keeps the overspray from getting into the other stencil areas.

Step 3:


Being careful to not kill the aluminum effect, hit the stencil lightly with the black. The nice thing about stencils: If you don’t apply enough paint, you can always line it back up and shoot the sucker again.

Step 4:


Halfway through the cross, switch to the bottom of the skull lineup. The bottom jaws line up easily with the tops as long as you use the noses for reference. This part of the Multiple II is very similar to the original Multiple, except there is a heck of a lot more personality and detail in the new one.

Step 5:


Switching to BC-26 white, use the inner part of the stencil with the grouped skulls to create an “ascending skull” effect to be hidden within the following flames. Like any of my repeating patterns, these skulls can be grouped differently when spraying to give a seamless effect.

Step 6:


Just like in the original Multiple, the Multiple II has the beloved Screamy Faces—just a heck of a lot more of them. Use these on both sides of the cross for the flames. The Screamy Faces look great in both smoke and flame techniques.

Step 7:


Using a bit of freehand airbrushing, tie in the skulls and Screamy Faces into a realistic fire effect.

Step 8:


Switching back to basecoat black, define the details in the skulls and create some additional depth in the flames, too. If you’re using color, layer the kandies at this point. Here, we’re going for the black and white thing.

Step 9:


After unmasking, stripe the entire design with some HoK black striping urethane, employing a trusty 00 Mack-10 sword striper. Note the borders are not sanded. I know what you’re thinking…no adhesion for the clear, or whatever we’ll be spraying later. Just wait.

Step 10:


You guessed it! If you’re going to spray something over a polished black surface, it’s gotta be Mirrachrome. Besides giving a killer effect on the shiny black, it is just plain incredible as a ghosted effect on the flames and pinstriping. Spray only two light coats. Here you see my new toy from Iwata, a trigger version of the Revolution side-feed; it looks like an airbrush, but feels like a spraygun. It produces great atomization of the Mirrachrome, and nice control too. The final shots: As you can see, the diversity of the Multiple II stencil gives you a great tool to create background skull groupings, as well as random skulls and lost souls within realistic flames.


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