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Script For Shirts By Ricky Patrick

Neglected by most beginning T-shirt airbrushers, lettering is and always has been one of the most important aspects of airbrush T-shirt customizing. Personalization is the key factor in this business, giving customers the opportunity to tell the world who they are, publicize their opinions, advertise their business or organization, and even express their love and […]

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Between The Lines with Wizard Lesson 2

Click here to read Part 1 Welcome and hello! Have you mastered the first line yet? Can you perform it at will? At this stage, you should be comfortable with the feel of the brush in your hand and have a handle on pulling an 18-inch vertical line. Before moving on to the horizontal line, […]

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Between The Lines with Wizard Lesson 1

There are no absolutes in the world of pinstriping. You have only to view a handful of the truly great stripers to see that the possibilities of expression are truly infinite, but at the same time, there are boundaries. Although your color palette is unlimited, the wrong choice can ruin a design. Technique and accuracy […]

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Sailboard Art By Lee Seiler

Airbrush art on sport equipment and vehicles has a long history. For many years, artists have been turning out lavish designs using enamels and auto acrylics on metal and fiberglass surface. With the invention of windsurfing, a new and interesting area for the airbrush artist materialized. As interest in custom fiberglass sailboards grew, so did […]

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Airbrushing Model Horses By Clint Voris

There is an entire cottage industry built around model horses. That’s good news for people like Clint Voris who has turned his former part-time hobby into a second job. He produces over 100 custom airbrushed model horses each year. Step 1 Start with a basic factory model horse. The two major manufacturers are Breyer and […]

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Vince Goodeve Kustom Bowling Pin How To

If you have ever wondered how to do a paint job on a curvy object requiring a completely masked surface, you are in luck. In this article, I’ll show you how to custom paint a bowling pin, but you can use these techniques for any other object you find difficult to tape up completely. These […]

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Building Your Own T-Shirt Kiosk – Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 In the first installment of this article, I walked you through figuring out the overall concept and design of a mall T-shirt airbrush kiosk. In the second part, we’ll continue following the kiosk through its construction, set up, and ultimate working location in a major shopping mall in Indianapolis, […]

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Building Your Own T-Shirt Kiosk – Part 1

In the last issue, Kent Lind highlighted the many choices available for artists operating T-shirt business, from mall kiosks to amusement parks to in-store setups. In a follow-up to that article, West Coast Airbrush’s Pat Gaines will take you through the process o f building your own mall kiosk in this special series. Over the […]

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willis dormer

Laying Down the Line with Willis Dormer

Like many other kustom painters and stripers working today, Dormer got his start in the 1970s. At the time, he was living in Whittier, California, “I actually knew nothing about pinstriping, “he says. “I had a friend who took an auto body and paint class in a junior college back in ’73. He got a […]

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Wizard Pinstripes a PT Metamorphoses Headed for SEMA

Once in awhile you get a call that’s really cool. I mean, beyond cool. Lynn Neiss, of Brut Manufacturing, Inc., Akron, Ohio, revealed that he converted a PT Cruiser into a pick-up truck. For the finishing touch, Lynn elected old-style pinstriping. Because the truck was being clearcoated, I chose House of Kolor urethanes. I have […]

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Master Patterns Strokes & Foundations with Wizard

Few things are as difficult to master as the brush-perfect straight line or the beautifully executed symmetry of two opposing arcs. How else can you get the satisfaction of perfecting your design on a ’40 Ford deck lid, knowing that you did this after much practice, discipline and sacrifice? Transfer tactics: Often beginners need assistance […]

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