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How to Airbrush Realistic Skin Tones

NEXT MONTH’S ISSUE WILL FEATURE A STEP BY STEP OF THE “Tica” painting, but we decided to give you a sneak preview of how one element is constructed. The highlight on the forehead is the most requested demonstration my students ask me to perform, so I thought it would be appropriate to share the technique […]

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step 7

Brush Trimming Tips for Pinstriping

TOO IMPORTANT TO BE IGNORED All professional pinstripers trim their brushes to achieve maximum performance. Without trimming the straggler hairs from the tip—and sometimes hair from the belly—of a brush, you’ll experience unwanted “scratch lines” and the inability to achieve a fine point, among other things. Chris Mack, of Mack Brush Company, agrees, but cautions […]

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Learn the ABC’s of Airbrush Lettering with Kent Lind Part II

WELCOME BACK! All of you have been practicing the primary script-lettering drills outlined and explained in the last issue of Airbrush Action—you know, the ones about consistency in height, width, angle, and thick and thins, not to mention the exercises with the e-stroke and the script alphabet. Right? I’m just going to have to take […]

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Learn the ABC’s of Airbrush Lettering with Kent Lind Part I

MANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN MY WORK OVER THE years in the hallowed pages of Airbrush Action and their DVD collection. I get great response especially for my custom work. However, through all of the accolades ( and believe me, they’re numerous, baby), what I remain most proud of is my common library of lettering. […]

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Airbrush Master, Terry Hill, Shows How to Master the Soft Dagger Stroke

FIGURE 9 DAGGER STROKES INTO SOFT,ORGANIC SHAPES These shapes already look like things we might want to paint – eyebrows, waves, fish, and other shapes from nature. There is a dagger on each end of these shapes. Make a dagger stroke in one direction, then go back over the shape in the opposite direction, like […]

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Artool 4 – Craig Fraser Mastering Deb Mahan’s Pin-Up Girlies

DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE AS A PDF Gentlemen, and ladies, rev your airbrushed Deborah Mahan’s Pin-Up Girlies is not only gorgeous, it’s unique in that it is not just one stencil but a 5-stencil system that can be used to create different characters and styles. These styles are also a bit longer than the average Artool […]

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Italian Fine Art by Luca Pagan

DOWNLOAD THIS AS A PDF Luca Pagan lives and works in Chioggia, a small fishing town not far from Venice. A self-taught artist, he’s been airbrushing since 1995, and his hobby has become his career. His work has been exhibited all over Europe, including Paris, often in conjunction with traditional oil paintings. He paints on […]

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Kosmic Kustom Honda Civic By Jeral Tedwell

Ok Kids, here we go again”¦ This go round we’re gonna find some sucker with a cool car and no idea what he wants”¦My sinister plot to take over the world one hyper-colored rocket at a time”¦heheheeee. Now we have a paying victim and life is getting better…. First thing, let’s do some color sketches […]

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How to Airbrush Brick and Stone – Part 2

This article is also available as a PDF > Download   MATERIALS: SURFACE: Strathmore 240 Heavyweight Illustration board. I love this board for most illustration work. It’s 100% rag, is virtually indestructible, has a great medium tooth that holds paint beautifully and is perfect for colored pencils and any other medium you want to throw […]

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Exercise in Creativity and Composition By Kent Lind

This article is also available as a PDF > Download For this installment of T-shirt Tactics, I’m going straight to re source of ideas that you guys might want to hear about. I’m talking of course about all the e-mails a that I receive each and every week from you, the readers. I have shared […]

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The Wizard Teaches a Pinstriping Primer – Part 2

    Download the PDF To our great delight, we received a lot of great positive feedback on Part I of Wizard’s Between the Lines column from the July-August 2006 issue (if you don’t have that one, it’s available through and Coast Airbrush). In Part II, Wizard finishes off his piece by adding more […]

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