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Darrell Mayabb – Airbrush Artist

Location: Colorado
Specialty: Automotive art, fine art

Company:Automotive Graffiti


Bio: Darrell Mayabb has been drawing automotive artwork and cartoons since the age of 8, and in 1970 opened his studio, Automotive Graffiti. Mayabb, an extremely talented artist, credits Tom Medley and his Stroker McGurk cartoon as a huge influence in his career. His artwork has been featured in Rod & Custom, and Hot Rod magazine. He boasts a Stroker McGurk award, and has recently been published in Juxtapose Car Culture, a new book coming out by Juxtapose magazine. A few years ago, Mayabb ran into a tricky situation that would alter his career. A patron had purchased some of his hot rod art through a gallery, and expressed to the owner that he felt it was wrong that a fine automotive artist such as Darrell Mayabb should also draw cartoons. The gallery owner relayed this to Darrell. Mayabb thought about what to do and figured if Samuel Clemens could do it with Mark Twain, so could he, and came up with the pen name, C-Cruz. The gallery owner told the patron that Darrell Mayabb would never draw another cartoon again, and since C-Cruz has been successful with his own cartoons and illustrations.


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