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Hair Airbrushing WIth Body Artist Neil Roth

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A new twist on body art, airbrushed hair is catching on at parties, special events, and nightclubs worldwide. I have more than 40 years of airbrushing experience, working as an illustrator, custom painter, and airbrush instructor. During the summer, you can find the working Ohio’s carnivals and street fairs with my wife, Diana, and son, Jason. While airbrushing tattoos at there, our designs grew into fancier, more complicated works of body art. Now hair airbrushing is a major part of our work during the holidays, especially New Year’s and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Follow along as I show you how easy it is to render spectacular designs clients’ hair. For this project, I use a water-based makeup that will not stain the hail and washes out with shampooing. I use one Vega 2000 airbrush for each color and spray at 15 PSI . Let’s get started!

Step 1:


I use hair spray to keep my model’s hair in place.

Step 2:


Next I spray white makeup as a basecoat.

Step 3:


I spray yellow to brighten up my next color, which is orange.

Step 4:


Now I spray the orange.

Step 5:


I position the stencil and spray the leopard spots black.

Step 6:


I just remove the stencil and we’re all done!

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