Digital Edition Help and FAQ

Airbrush Action Magazine

You can read and browse our digital edition in three ways:

  • Web browser (online reader)
  • 3DIssue App on iOs (iPad) or Android
  • Offline Reader on Windows or Mac

To access the digital edition on any of the three ways above, you first need to reach the online  reader at the web address we provide you in your monthly subscription emails or in the 1-page PDF that you download when you buy a single issue.

Monthly subscribers

For monthly subscribers, this is what you would receive in your inbox when a new issue is released. It contains a link to the online reader.

Sample of an email that you receive as an annual subscriber, every two months, when a new issue is released. It contains a link to the online reader.

 Single Issues

Buyers of single issues receive a one-page PDF that has a link to the online reader for that issue.

Sample of a PDF that you receive when buying a single issue. It contains a link to the online reader.

The Online Reader

The online reader allows you to browse the magazine using a web browser on your PC/Mac, tablet or internet-enabled device. The online reader provides readers an easy way to read the magazine using page-flipping technology.

Here’s how the online reader looks like on a PC web browser:

The online reader. It loads the cover page automatically.

On the main window you will see the magazine. Initially, the cover page will load with a “Quick Start” box. On the left is the menu (white icons).

Navigating (turning pages)

You can browse through the pages in three ways:

  • At the bottom of the screen are thumbnails that  you can click to jump to specific pages on the magazine.
  • On the both sides of the magazine are arrows which you can click to navigate to the next and previous pages.
  • You can also turn the pages of the magazine by clicking and dragging the page corners.

The Left Sidebar Menu

The vertical menu bar on the left side of the screen is always visible for quick and easy access to various functions and options as shown below:

White icons (left sidebar menu). These are clickable

Most of the options in the menu are self-explanatory.

  • Print – print all or specific pages to your local printer
  • Search – search for keywords or phrases
  • Settings – control the zoom and page flip transitions
  • Help – overlays the screen with tips on how to use the online reader
  • Full Screen – click this to make the reader occupy your entire screen and hide your browser menus and tabs. Press “ESC” to exit full screen mode
  • Download – for reading the issue offline (see section below)
  • Bookmarks – gives you options to bookmark the current page  or access your current bookmarks
  • (three white dots) – hover your mouse to access Notes, Thumbnails or Exit

 Download for Offline Viewing

You may download the digital issue for offline reading in three ways

  • 3dIssue App on iOs (iPad)
  • 3dIssue App on Android
  • Single issue installer (PC format or Mac format)

How to download on iOs (iPad) or an Android device (tablet)

When you access the online reader using a web browser on an iOs (iphone/iPad) or Android device (phone/tablet), you will be prompted and asked if you want to view the magazine using the free 3Dissue App.

You will be prompted on iOs (iPhone/iPad) and Android if you want to view the magazine using the 3dissue app.

If you agree, press OK. If you already have the 3Dissue App, the digital magazine will start to download to the app for offline reading. If you don’t have the App, you will be brought to the iTunes store or Google Play to install the app.

The 3Dissue app on the iTunes store. It’s also available on Google Play (for Android). It’s a free app.

Once installed, the 3dissue app can be used to download our digital issue and read it offline.

How to Download on PC or Mac

You may also download the digital issue for offline reading on a Mac or PC.

Single issue download

The single issue download provides you with an .exe file (Windows) or .dmg file (Mac) that you need to install like any program. The file will then install and give you the single issue magazine that looks and behaves like the online reader — but it is totally offline, meaning you can read it without an internet connection.

To get a single issue installer, click on the white Download icon on the left sidebar menu. You will then be shown this window:


Select either Windows or Mac. Click the applicable icon.

If you clicked Windows, see Option 1 below. If you clicked Mac, see Option 2.

That’s it! Need more help?

That’s the end of the manual.  If you have any question or you are experiencing technical difficulties, please visit our HelpDesk and open a ticket to get the fastest response possible. Here’s the link to our HelpDesk: