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Portrait of ‘Daryl’
By Dru Blair
Norman Reedus is an American actor best known for his role as iconic Daryl Dixon on AMC’s, The Walking Dead. “I chose him for my advanced portrait workshop because the variety of surfaces in this image perfectly fits the requirements for a challenging project for my students.”

10 Things You Should Know About Your Spray Gun
By Brian Lynch
The title says it all!

Copyright Rules
By Pete Johnson
To avoid getting run over by bad karma, don’t rip off people’s art. For your own defense, know your options about copyright, and understand the laws of the USA.

Shady Work
By Mitch Lanzini
Mitch Lanzini teaches how to create a classic tape shading effect using a high-power contrast of unexpected colors and free-flowing shapes with symmetrical lines and steady gun work.

That’s A Moray Part 1 of 2
By Steve Gibson
When I contemplated what to do for my first Airbrush Getaway project, I thought in terms of a simple composition and a simple palette. One of the oldest layouts with regard to composition and aesthetics is the triangle. It doesn’t have to be literal; implied works just as well. Another simple idea expressed in this painting is the idea of color harmony. In this two-part series I’ll walk you through the steps and ideas that went into painting this image.

Don Eddy
An exhibition of new works by Don Eddy, world renowned fine artist, opened on October 27 and will continue through December 10, comprising works of the past three years. For the past several years Eddy has returned to the urban landscape, this time with New York as his main subject, with the bridges that span Manhattan Island being a focal point.

Awesome Aussie Airbrushing on a Tank Top
By Ergun ‘Jadier’ Yasar
At the recent Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway (October 21-24, 2016), I was tasked to airbrush a shirt. The departure from hats, for which I’m mostly known, was a welcome one, and I was intrigued to work with Inspire’s paint line. As with any new paint system, there is a learning curve, and I must say that Inspire has a very bright future.

2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Part 2
Airbrush Action travelled to Sturgis, South Dakota, motorcycle mecca of the world, to shoot some of the hottest and coolest custom painted bikes on the planet.

2017 Airbrush Buyer’s Guide
The process of choosing the right airbrush to meet your needs can be a complicated task, whether you’re upgrading to a better model or simply buying your first gun. To help narrow your choices, we’ve done the grunt work for you, gathering the facts and compiling them in our user-friendly buyer’s guide.

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