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Rare Collector’s Item! Before Airbrush Action, Airbrush Digest magazine (1981 to 1984) was the dominant airbrush publication.  Spanning 12 issues, the Digest was a coffee-table-quality bi-monthly that trail-blazed in an era when artists couldn’t get enough information on airbrushing—before the boom of instructional videos, DVD’s, books, workshops, and the internet.  And now, for the first time in 25 years, every issue of Airbrush Digest magazine is available on disc.  Here’s a great opportunity to search lost treasures of techniques, artist profiles, step-by-step articles and tons more. Content includes:

Artist features on Charles White III, Don Eddy, David Kimble, Roger Hyssen, Robert Anderson, Doug Johnson, Audrey Flack, Bill Mayer, Bob Boyd, Ian Greathead, Barbara Rogers, Dave Willardson, Mark Rush, Louis Grubb, Fredric Harwin, William Wilhelmi, Jeff Lefever, Peter Green, and others. And great technical information, such as how to replace the needle bearing on an airbrush, how to paint model ships, tanks, planes, and trains, pro illustration tricks with Michael Cacy, Paasche AB maintenance and repair, Light Sources and Color Retouching, color theory, airbrushing with acrylic paints and how they work, cartography, automotive art, killer pottery art, frisketing techniques, working with dyes and bleach, airbrushing onto glass, airbrush repair and maintenance, ceramic stencils, medical illustration, how to fix airbrush head leaks, how to render a variety of textures (brick, metal, sky, leather, chrome, glass, fabric, tires) chemical retouching, airbrushing fabric, how to draw, planetarium art, model weathering techniques, and more!

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