Old School Realism- Steve Gibson



We’re taking it WAY back with this class and playing by some of the same rules as the masters… except we’re doing it with an airbrush!   Convincing realism does not have to be painstakingly tedious to be successful.   While photorealism can at times depend on the most meticulous of details to communicate its idea, traditional realism separates itself by looking for that grey area in painting that says more… with less. This highly investigative yet inviting course will re-open the doors of the past, ignite the imagination and stoke the fine artist within. It will introduce traditional oil painting methods and how they can be repurposed for approaches with an airbrush.

In this course you will learn:


  • What makes good subject matter, nature vs. the photograph
  • How airbrush painting a grisaille (monochromatic grey) will give you better control over   establishing value and its many nuances
  • Starting from a mid-tone and working toward light and dark through a systematic “push and pull” approach
  • Separating color and value during the painting process and its advantages
  • Transparent vs opaque techniques and when to use them
  • Painting through mistakes with ease and confidence
  • The importance of form over detail- working large to small
  • How to make aesthetic decisions based on traditional principles
  • Freehand techniques with little or no masking aids
  • The versatility of an all “additive” painting process


Old School Realism is open to the novice as well as the seasoned professional. A basic to intermediate understanding of the airbrush is recommended and preferred. What this class utilizes are academic and traditional painting methods repurposed for a modern approach specifically for the airbrush. The tried and true results of these ideas hang in the most prestigious galleries and institutions from around the world and were developed by master painters and draftsman dating back over half a millennia.

Instructors: Steve Gibson & Jenn Mayberry 
Date: May 16th-20th 2018
Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced
Park Inn by Radisson
3011 Maingate Lane
Kissimmee, FL 34747

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