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The Wizard Teaches a Pinstriping Primer – Part 2




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To our great delight, we received a lot of great positive feedback on Part I of Wizard’s Between the Lines column from the July-August 2006 issue (if you don’t have that one, it’s available through and Coast Airbrush). In Part II, Wizard finishes off his piece by adding more color, design to fill in some of the blank spaces, and, of course, extra circles. As Wizard says, “You can really have a ball with your art when you’ve got the time and money isn’t an issue!”



step 1

Using light blue, I made an arc to intersect the dark blue circle. No definite plan here yet; just doodling.


step 2

I made two bottom arcs with the light blue. Different radiuses are accomplished by simply adjusting the compass in or out. Notice that I skipped over the yellow and blue shape?


step 3

Moving down in the design, I applied another blue arc, all the time being conscious of balance. Add enough of a value so that it shows up evenly throughout.


step 4

At the top of the design, and working upside down, I added more arcs. I like to skip around a design arbitrarily to make it more interesting for me.


step 5

I used my smallest, tightest brush to make the lines as thin as the compass’s.

Step 6:

step 6

Then, I used the smallest Alan Johnson signature brush to fill in some of the graphics with blue.


step 7

Next, with black, I added some solid shapes to give direction and more bulk to the design. Caution: black is strong, and it doesn’t take much to overpower the whole image.


step 8

Applying finishing touches to the darker blue here.


step 9

With a custom mix of a brassy gray color, I outlined all the black. Then, I made some solid shapes with the same color.



After I cleaned off the layout lines and clearcoated this bad boy, it turned out to be one cool design. As an afterthought, another enhancement might be the addition of an 8-ball to the large circle on the top.pinstriping-primer-the-wizard-2-possibilities



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