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Troy Pierce – Airbrush Artist – Profile

Eliminating most of the sharp lines from your work will make it more photographic.

troy-pierce-airbrush-artistLocale: Panama City, Florida

Specialty: Portraits

Cred: Nationally known for his photo-real airbrush portraits, Troy Pierce exhibits and teaches all over the United States. He won  rst prize in the annual Living Art Expo in Key West, and his work is featured in Roger Taylor’s Marylin in Art and Panama City’s News Herald. Pierce has produced instructive videos for Airbrush Action and is the head instructor for the new T-Shirt Portraits class at the esteemed Airbrush Getaway hands-on workshops program.

Beginners’ bottom line: “Paint what you see, not what you know. Try seeing the image the way a camera sees it. A camera lens di uses the lines. There are no hard edges in life. Eliminating most of the sharp lines from your work will make it more photographic.”

Pro pointers: “Always be prepared to learn something new. If you think you know all there is, you haven’t learned. One of my favorite things about teaching other artists is that I get to learn from them. New artists haven’t learned all the tricks yet, so sometimes their experiments result in new techniques.”


2 Responses to Troy Pierce – Airbrush Artist – Profile

  1. Bill Slorp October 2, 2013 at 10:33 pm #

    Hello again, Troy.
    I’m the guy who asked you to paint the “CHET FAN” t-shirt last week.
    It looks great, and I’m ready to show it off to my guitar buddies.
    We’re back home in Ohio, preparing for Fall, ( raking leaves, winterizing everything, and awaiting the dreaded “snow” )
    Just wanted to say “thank you” again, for doing my “Chet” shirt. and for being the gentleman you are.
    Bill Slorp

  2. Kevin Morris October 27, 2013 at 1:05 am #

    Troy ,Thanks for all your help at the getaway, looking forward to talking with you again about the class project and looking forward to the next show.

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