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Dru Blair's groundbreaking and highly intensive course reveals the secrets of painting photorealistic fire, ice, metal, water, glass, fur, fl esh tones, and many other subjects that often challenge artists. Students will learn to quickly match colors with extreme accuracy and precision through Mr. Blair's Color Buffer Theory. Achieving Photorealism is open to artists (and non-artists) of all skill levels (including beginners!!). The color theory taught in this class is in no way limited to just airbrushing; it crosses over to every aspect of life where choosing and/or manipulating color is important.

Instructor: Dru Blair
Duration: 4 days
Price: $575.00 (Includes ALL Equipment & Supplies)


RIO Hotel & Casino
3700 W. Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV‎ 
(702) 777-7777
[Rio Website]  

• Mastering color through the application of Dru Blair's Color
  Buffer Theory
• Transparent vs opaque techniques
• Understanding white and the impact it has on your images
• Dru's 8 rules of photorealism
• A 12-point photorealism checklist
• How to really understand light
• How to survive catastrophic painting errors
• How to automatically discern problem areas in your paintings that might   otherwise go unnoticed
• How to develop observation techniques that allow you to expand your
  visual discrimination

ALUMNI! Don't forget about your Alumni Discount! Questions about registration, call 1-800-232-8998 (International - 1-732-223-7878)
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