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Do you want to get into a fun and profitable business? Do you see people wearing printed shirts everywhere and wonder how they do it? Would you like to be your own boss and start making good extra money or start a new career? T-Shirt printing might be for you. It is easy, exciting, popular and profitable. Imagine buying an unprinted shirt for $1.50 and selling it with an image on it for $15.00!

T-Shirt Screen Printing is a complete hands-on commercial course on how to start and run a profitable T-Shirt business. You will print a shirt in the first hour of the class and you will leave with a stack of shirts you print. You will make a screen, learn all about computer graphics, inks, press setup, pricing, marketing, shop setup, and what equipment to purchase.

3-Day Class  (discounts for couples and teams)
Level:  Beginner to Intermediate
Instructors:  Scott Fresener

About the Instructor:
Scott Fresener is an industry legend and one of the World’s leading authorities on screen printing. Author of How To Print T-Shirts For Fun and Profit—the “bible” and industry standard for more than 30 years!—Scott has written hundreds of trade magazine articles, given over 500 industry seminars, produced dozens of DVDs on all aspects of printing, and taught over 14,000 students at his famous U.S. Screen Printing Institute.  Scott has travelled the world consulting large and small shops on the process. Mike Fresener was literally born into the industry and is a great printer and teacher in his own right. He is featured on a number of DVDs and has taught classes at the U.S. Screen Printing Institute for more than 15 years.
Who Should Attend:
People wanting to start a garment screen printing business or who are already in the business but want to hone their skills and learn the tricks of the trade. Also, shop owners who want to learn more about the process, and people selling printed garments that need to learn more about the process.
Attendees receive a copy of How To Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit along with other class manuals and materials. You will print a nice stack of shirts and leave with a new wardrobe! Equipment and materials for the class are provided by a well known national screen printing supply company, and students are eligible for discounts on products and on DVDs, separation software, and more.
Certificate of Completion:
Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Duration: 3 days

Price: $495.00 (Includes ALL Equipment & Supplies)



RIO Hotel & Casino
3700 W. Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV‎ 
(702) 777-7777
Day 1
• Overview of the process.
• Hands-on printing exercise. Print your first shirt!
• The basics of computer graphics, including Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop
   and Adobe Illustrator. This is not hands-on, but if you have a laptop and
   battery you can follow along. Learn what programs are best and if you
   should use a MAC or PC – or does it matter.
• Scanning artwork.
• How to work with customer supplied artwork and fixing bad artwork.
• Simple design creation.
• Basic color separation techniques.
• Overview of color separation software like FastFilms and T-Seps.
• How to make film positives for screen making.
• Learn about film output devices and options.
• Proper screen making including frame types, screen mesh selection, all about
   stencils and emulsions, and how to make a good screen to generate a great print.

Day Two
• "Burn" your own screen and learn how to develop the screen and prepare it
   for printing.
• Learn about exposure systems including using sunlight to burn/expose screens.
• Screen making for multi-color printing and special screens for dark shirts, puff
   ink, and more.
• All about inks and how to mix them and dry them.
• Special inks for athletic printing and special effects printing.
• All about the equipment and whether to make it or buy used or new. Get an idea
   of what you need to outfit a shop.
• Press setup. Set up a multi-color job and print light colored shirts. You will print a
   number of designs on shirts and get plenty of time to learn proper printing
   techniques, loading and unloading garments, print placement, how to get a sharp
   print, and more.
• Quality and what makes a great print.
• Tearing down a job and re-using the screens.
• Clean-up materials and chemicals, and how to handle them safely.

Day 3
• A good part of the morning is spent on the business side. This is probably the
   most important part of the class.
• All about the industry, trade shows, trade magazines, and more.
• Where to buy shirts and how to get the best prices.
• How to market, sell shirts, find customers and keep them.
• Setting up an internet website and getting online orders.
• Basic shop layout and setup. Learn about zoning, using chemicals, and the law.
• Understanding the legal side – copyrights, trademarks, artwork ownership, and more.
• How to price your work and be profitable.
• Developing and promoting your own line of shirts.
• An overview of digital direct-to-garment printing. This might be where you start
   or you can add this to your business when ready.
• Basics of non-textile printing including stickers, posters, signs, decals, and
   more. These profitable types of jobs can be a nice addition to your business.
• Case Studies. You will review what you have learned and see a nice variety of
    jobs and learn how they were done.

Questions about registration, call 1-800-232-8998 (International - 1-732-223-7878)
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